The Jugendgruppe (or youth group) is a dance group for youth between the ages of 13-25 and continues to build on the work of the Mittel Gruppe (Middle Group) by introducing a varied collection of energetic waltz and polka dances that incorporate a wide range of figure elements. This group also focuses more heavily on German speech and songs.

The purpose of the Youth Group is to maintain the customs and way of life of the old country by wearing the traditional dress, singing German songs, and performing folk dances. The dancers wear traditional Donauschwaben costumes, custom-made from Germany. The boys wear a collared white button-down shirt with a black vest and black pants while the girls wear a dress called a Dirndl.

Participation in the youth group has significant travel opportunities. Each year during Labor Day Weekend, all of the Donauschwaben Clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada meet in a city each year to dance, sing, and have fun. This past Labor Day Weekend, which was held at the Donauschwaben club in Mansfield, Ohio, the youth group participated in a tri-annual competition with eight other youth groups. They were not only awarded a Gold medal for their performance but were also recognized for being the “Friendliest Youth Group” during the weekend celebration. In 2013, the Labor Day weekend will be hosted in Detroit, Michigan!

The youth group also periodically travels to Europe. The most recent travel experience was when seven of our older youth group members traveled to Harkány, Hungary to participate in the Welttreffen der Donauschwabischer Kulturgruppen, or the World Donauschwaben Culture Camp, in June 2011. Previously, the youth group has also traveled to several cities throughout Germany, Austria, and Hungary for a “Euro Tour” in 1998 and 2006 and they are currently planning and fundraising for their next “Euro Tour” set for the summer of 2013.

Throughout the year, the youth group is often invited to perform at public events around the Cincinnati area including German Day at the Reds Stadium, Kolping’s annual Schützenfest, Germania’s Oktoberfest, the Downtown Zincinnati Oktoberfest, and, of course, the Donauschwaben Oktoberfest. While the members usually move up from the Middle Group who already have some knowledge on waltzing, new members are always welcome. The group meets weekly at the Cincinnati Donauschwaben Club Haus on Tuesday nights from 7:15-8:30.

If you have questions or would like to talk with someone about joining this group, please contact Debi Tullius at dtullius@fuse.net.


The Youth Group picture at Strauss Ball 2012