Welcome to the Cincinnati Donauschwaben Society’s website, home of Cincinnati’s most authentic Oktoberfest and famous German dancers. If you are interested in renting one of our facilities please see our hall rental website. For reservations for our upcoming dances please call (513)-385-2098 and select option 3.



Planning Meeting (Member’s Only) | November 9 | 1 PM

The annual planning meeting will be held on Sunday, November 9 starting at 1:00 PM in the member’s hall. This is an opportunity for members to present fresh ideas to the Board.

If anyone has concerns, ideas, or projects they would like to present please call Bob Decher at 513-245-9450 so that he can add your input to the agenda.


Upcoming Events


 Fifth Friday Froth Fest | Oktober, 31 | 6 to 10 PM

On Friday, Oktober 31 come out and enjoy traditional German Gemütlichkeit and camaraderie at the Donauschwaben Hall for our Fifth Friday Froth Fest celebration.

Friday Night Stein Verein | November 14 | 6 to 10 PM

Forget Friday happy hour at a crowded, over-priced bar! Instead come out and enjoy a few drinks with your Schwaben friends at the Friday Night Stein Verein on Friday, November 14.

November Work Day | November 15, 2014 | 9 AM to 1 PM

Calling all Donauschwaben Members! Come out every third Saturday of the month to help out at our monthly work days. There are many projects that need to be done and we need all the help we can get. Please consider coming out for a few hours to support and improve your Verein.
For more information please contact Adam Hary at 513.923.4548 (home) 513.604.3816 (Cell) or email him at

Weinlesetanz | November 15 | 7:30 to 11:30 PM

The Weinlesetanz or the wine harvest festival is a traditional festival that celebrates the year’s successful harvest of the grapes used to make wine.The hall is set-up with an arbor and hanging fruit that members and guests try to steal. Watch out though, if you are caught by the harvest “police”, made up of members of our youth group and middle group, you will have to pay a fine. If you had a good time at our Oktoberfest, then grab a few friends and come hang out at the Cincinnati Donauschwaben and have fun at this traditional festival. Come listen and dance to the German music that fills the hall. Our bar will be open to serve your favorite glass of Wine, Beer or Coke products and the kitchen will have sausage sandwiches for sale.
Admission is $8 per person. For reservations call 385-2098 and select option 3.

Der Adler Extra

44th Annual Johann Strauss Ball

Celebrating the Austrian Waltz King

Written By: Joe T. Ludwig

Since 1815 the Austrian city of Vienna has been known for hosting more than 200 balls per year in their luxurious concert and opera halls. Thousands of people, usually of the upper class, attended these prestigious events each year wearing long ball gowns or black tuxes with tails. Throughout the night they would dance or listen to the orchestra play songs by famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss II. It is this almost 200-year-old Austrian tradition that Cincinnati Donauschwaben’s Annual Johann Strauss Ball is based on.

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Our Journey Home


A Look Back at the Youth Group’s 2013 European Trip


Written By: Joe T. Ludwig


Becky Suer remembers her last performance in Europe like it was yesterday.

It was dusk and an audience of about 100 people sat on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful town of Zsámbék, Hungary. In the backdrop of the wooden stage stood the ruins of a Catholic Church that barely survived an earthquake. A TV crew sat in the audience, broadcasting their performance live on Hungarian television. As the Youth Group walked off the stage after their final number, the crowd cheered. They were giving a standing ovation, demanding for an encore.

It was this moment that it started to sink in for Becky—and the rest of the group; they were leaving for home in less than six hours. After months of practicing and years of talking and planning, it was over. In 18 short days they traveled by bus to 13 cities in five countries. In addition to performing a two and a half hour show for their host families, the Youth Group experienced sight-seeing, learned about Donauschwaben history, saw historic sights, had the opportunity to experience first-hand the journey of the Donauschwaben people and meet the most generous and hospitable people that they will probably ever meet.

Of course, it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point of cheering crowds and encores. The following is a look back at the Youth Group’s 18-day journey.

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  • Upcoming Events

    Oktober Events
    Okt. 31 -- Froth Fest
                  6:00 to 10:00 PM
    November Events
    Nov. 14 -- Stein Verein
                  6:00 to 10:00 PM
    Nov. 15 -- Work Day
                  9:00 AM
    Nov. 15 -- Weinlesetanz
                  7:30 to 11:30 PM
    Nov. 28 -- Member's Meeting
                  8:30 to 10:00 PM
    December Events
    Dec. 11 -- Christmas Concert
                  5:30 to 10:00 PM
    Dec. 12 -- Stein Verein
                  6:00 to 10:00 PM
    Dec. 14 -- Christmas Party
                  2:00 to 6:00 PM
    Dec. 31 -- New Years Eve
                  9:00 PMto 1:00 AM
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